Thursday, November 1, 2012

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This new version is released with Office 2013 specifically designed to work with Windows 8 and 7 on SkyDrive special features such as better use of cloud services and the connection is better than on social networks, and in this The programs in this package have been strong, with many changes. The overall look can be said that if users have been able to cope with the Office 2007 Ribbon menu in Microsoft Office 2013 will feel comfortable. Main Ribbon menu also offers options to users. In Office 2013, Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud Saving files in there and it is interesting to note that when you save a file for the first time instead of the hard drive, the default SkyDrive Office 2013 as the first place to store suggests that if you are not willing to do that, you can select the drive and stored in SkyDrive storage operations early in the series after storage operations in the tape work will be shown on Office.

Other features include the possibility of sharing in the form of an HTML file to open documents directly in the browser or in the form of a direct URL of the email pointed to some of the social networks of the other features Office 2,013th. Also features users to share Office 2013 is presented which includes the possibility of using Skype or having more space on SkyDrive by Claude noted.

Rebirth of Microsoft Word in Office 2013 has a completely new design, which can be combined with the design of Windows 8 and Office 2007′s interface, users are presented. Special feature of Microsoft Word in Office 2013 can be added directly to online video as a written document. Users can easily add HTML code to link the video to add video to your documents and can also resize the video as well. Another special feature in this version we see is a feature called Live Layout. This feature makes it possible to automatically place text around your video, photos or charts are set and even change the location or video images, automatically position the text to be well in Along with the photos, posts included.

These are the new features in Word 2013 are summarized and perhaps part of the exciting features of this update is to use and edit PDF files in Word there. Word 2013 users can print files directly to PDF format and save the PDF to open and edit them. Yes, you heard right, since a lot of software for editing PDF files, most of which were free, were now directly in Microsoft Word 2013 enables high performance there.
Reading Mode as a new feature of Microsoft 2013 is the change that can open the file in a full screen without the user menu and the text the more comfortable, especially in the read Tblt.

Microsoft Excel as well as Word and tone the face of a change in Windows 8 is generally considered to be the efficient smarter Excel has been the more. PivotTable as an example of new features for users and is recommended when using it, you can recommend it for your own use or the use of charts or tables can Timeline Slicer new tools of your information in or timing to different categories or filter.

Microsoft PowerPoint as well as other software but Microsoft has gone through many cosmetic changes as well as at cosmetic changes to the facility behind the software is. For example, when your device is connected to a video projector Office 2013 can quickly slide your image in the big-screen displays in front of an audience prevent nervously users are. In general it can be said that Microsoft has provided many facilities without on the big screen before the audience something to display on the monitor when users can access a lot of this said.




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